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Marketing Solutions

Whether you are a Fortune 500 company or a small business, we have the experience to help. We strengthen your relationship with your customers, and provide the analytics necessary for continued growth. We will tailor a program specific to your needs and provide the right solution for you.


Brand Loyalty

We see consumers as people first, so building true loyalty between a consumer and a brand requires an ongoing commitment to understanding and addressing the diverse qualities of people. Consumers are motivated by tangible and intangible rewards, as well as motivating experiences.


In-House Development

The FenDak team has the skills and experience necessary to design, develop and maintain a wide range of loyalty, incentive and marketing offerings. Our extensive in-house expertise allows us to deliver outstanding customer experiences across all our platforms and programs.

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Meet the Founder

Frank Fennell


Mr. Fennell has a successful track record of establishing, leading, and strategically growing global promotional, incentive and loyalty-based companies for nearly 25 years. In 1992, he founded Fennell Promotions, and within two years, had already developed custom promotional programs servicing the world’s leading beverage companies. By 2002, Fennell Promotions was the market leader to both the beverage and hospitality industries, executing over 350 promotions, and servicing over 5,000,000 participants. After Mr. Fennell successfully exited Fennell Promotions, he co-founded The FenDak Group in 2015.

Mr. Fennell devotes significant time and resources to his philanthropic pursuits, primarily supporting St. Jude’s Children’s Hospital in which he has received national recognition.

Gene Bardakjy

Co-Founder & Partner

Mr. Bardakjy has over 20 years of both domestic and international investment, operational, and leadership experience in a variety of industries. His investment history includes companies spanning business services, technology, healthcare, industrial manufacturing, logistics, and construction. His distinct background as a hands-on operator, investor, and legal professional has allowed Mr. Bardakjy to successfully manage private equity investments, as well as assume the role of chief executive officer, chief operating officer, and chief transition officer.

Prior to co-founding The FenDak Group, Mr. Bardakjy was a partner with Empire Investment Holdings, a consulting partner to Platinum Equity, and founded GBK Investments, a private investment and consulting group. Mr. Bardakjy earned a Bachelor’s Degree from Florida State University and is a member of the Florida Bar.


The professionals of The FenDak Group have spent a lifetime building profitable companies and supporting global brands. With organizations spanning every size and industry, the founders of The FenDak Group have a rich history of implementing successful marketing and loyalty-based programs that have supported world-class brands and companies.

The loyalty and retention of your customers is built through strong relationships. Whether so finely tuned as to be one-to-one, or in large groups or segments, the ultimate success of your business depends on extracting the maximum value from your existing customers while providing an effective, low-cost method for acquiring new ones.

Products and services

The FenDak Group is an executive consulting firm and technology solutions provider of turnkey marketing, e-commerce, loyalty, incentive, rewards, business-building programs, and digital platforms. We design, develop, and operate affordable business and consumer marketing and loyalty programs that deliver results.

With in-house incentive, loyalty, financial, technology, marketing and business operations experts, our products and services include: Klosebuy, Program Management and Support, Channel Incentives, and a Shopping Rewards Platform.

  • KloseBuy
  • 75+

    Channel Partners


    A self-administered and fully managed SaaS digital advertising platform, primarily delivered through channel partners, that allows a business to sign up and immediately create and publish professional advertisements and loyalty rewards that are viewable instantly on web and mobile devices by local consumers. Businesses instantly collect real-time customer data, send app messages, and build customer and brand loyalty.

    An all-in-one business-building platform that provides for unlimited digital marketing, builds a database of followers, rewards consumers for joining, and allows locals to build a neighborhood of their favorite businesses. With an optional loyalty program, Klosebuy provides all the tools a business needs to grow their sales.

    visit klosebuy.com

  • 300+



    An incentive program that drives results must be well planned, designed and is mission critical to optimize business performance. A proven strategy to increase sales is to offer a fully customized Channel Incentive program that will inspire your resellers, distributors and sales groups to promote your products and programs over your competitors. Motivate your sales teams through training and product knowledge, and reward them for their loyalty. Contact us to learn more about how you can generate and sustain increased sales.

  • 24/7



    We believe that your business and revenue building solution, loyalty program or customer retention initiative should not be an administrative burden to your business. The FenDak Group provides the dedicated incentive experts to manage your program, and will work hand-in-hand to ensure your program is meeting your expectations. With resources available to help you continually promote your program and generate participation, we can help you keep your program fresh in participants’ minds and remind them of your key performance objectives. Whether you need a points-based rewards program, or a fully customized end-to-end customer acquisition, retention, marketing, and analytic-driven mobile and web-based platform, The FenDak Group has the right solution. We will carefully analyze your specific business goals and then apply proven business development, operational, loyalty, incentive, and retention techniques to meet your needs. Our services and solutions require little administrative overhead and will complement your current marketing efforts.

  • 2K+



    A fully branded, customizable loyalty and benefits platform that develops an ongoing, opt-in engagement between your business and customers or non-profit and members, while providing a cash-back incentive for those participants who shop online. A turn-key solution that extends your communication’s reach across web and email, provides great benefits to your customers and members, and increases profitability and revenue for your business or non-profit.

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